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I’ll hear it and go, “Ugh, why is this being played so much right now? He doesn’t just come in and say, “This sounds good; this sounds bad.” He’ll be like, “This is this because the world needs this.” He comes from a whole different point of view. I mean, it’s good to see people that are just humble and cool and down-to-earth and chill, but he’s trying to get pay-per-view numbers. When people can just stop being stupid—sorry to say that—but when people can stop reading into it so much and just look at the fact that he’s doing this for entertainment.... I’m in a one-man thing, too, but I have so many people that help me do this. I was doing so many things that I shouldn’t even be on the planet still. The whole time, [Bieber’s manager] Scooter [Braun] always made sure I was safe and made sure situations didn’t escalate. It almost wasn’t good, because I’d be like, any time I wanna do something, Scooter is gonna take care of it. It’s been a cool journey, an awesome learning experience. When you were released from jail, you sat on top of an SUV. He pulled up after because he heard I got pulled over, so he came to see if I was OK. I might have had a beer earlier in the day or something.