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He never imagined, however, that his number would one day join the banners hanging in the Joe Louis Arena rafters, a place Lidstrom looked up at almost every practice. ” If he does end up tearing up a bit, Lidstrom knows the feelings will stem from the many memories and former teammates in attendance. We came in the same time, and I remember Dave Lewis, our assistant coach, telling us why, he’ll go through their depth, the opponent’s lineup, and [he’d say], ‘Careful with this guy, this is a tough guy, he’s a skill guy, don’t touch this guy.’ “And Vladdy was the first guy to run [over] and run the guy that you shouldn’t touch,” Lidstrom added with a laugh. I think it would be nice for him to have something done because even though his career wasn’t as long as the rest of us, he had a special career with the Wings.” Another former teammate Lidstrom talked about Thursday was Sergei Fedorov, who at one time was dating Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova.