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    – this time after a conversation with a couple who can orgasm for up to 18 hours. When you see someone you like, tap the heart button in the bottom right3.

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    If your parent is at the point of seeking a physically intimate relationship, a discussion with the doctor might be in order. According to England’s Family Planning Agency (FPA), the number of reported cases of STDs among 50-to 90-year-olds has more than doubled in the past decade, perhaps due in part to the availability of drugs mentioned previously. If your parent is recently divorced or widowed remind them (as they may have frequently reminded you) that it’s not wise to jump into a relationship too quickly. If your parent is looking to meet potential love interests online, remind them things aren’t always as they seem on the Internet and to beware.

    Remind dad (or mom) to always carry along a condom. While most counselors recommend waiting at least a year to remarry after a divorce or death of a spouse, your parent, understandably, may feel that life is too short to wait around once they have found, “the one.” No, you can’t tell your parent what to do in matters of love, but it may be helpful to remind them that while loneliness is not good, spending the rest of their life with the wrong person is worse. More serious than a date who lies about his age or other details is one who is a threat to your parent’s safety.

    Cannabis on dispensary shelves today is significantly more potent than it was in the 1960's and '70's.

    To put it into perspective, the weed you remember probably had THC levels ranging from about 2-3% whereas strains today average well over 10% THC.

    Because of the added strain on the cardiovascular system, marijuana is not recommended for those with heart problems; the increased strain could contribute to a heart attack or stroke, through research that either confirms or denies this is minimal. It can have profound effects on the body, both good and bad.

    As you age, the chances of complications increase, but so too do the benefits.

    To ensure that your first time trying marijuana again is as safe and pleasant as possible, avoid consuming it in a crowded environment like a concert.

    In her initial conversations and meetings with an Internet date, ask your mother to use just her cell phone (her home phone can easily be tracked to her home address) and to meet him in a public place. These 7 pieces of advice should serve as a starting point for the talk, or better yet, an ongoing dialogue with your parent.

    Whether your parent is alone for the first time in many years or has been on her own for a while now, her desire to look for love is certainly understandable. Having “the sex talk” with your parents is admittedly a tricky proposition.

    If your parent is recently widowed or divorced, or has decided after some time of singledom that it’s time to look for love, here are 7 pieces of advice you may want to offer for dating in the 21st century. Today, a pay phone is a rare find and a couple of quarters just won’t cut it if Mom needs to call for help or a ride home. Now it’s time for you to broach the subject of modesty with her. If your parent has lived alone for a while, it can be tempting to talk when she finds a listening ear.

    When you were dating, your parents likely had you carry change for a pay phone — just in case. Mom wouldn’t have let you out the door wearing a micro-mini skirt or a skimpy bikini.

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