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    I guess it’s not awkward if that person f-cked you over and you look really good and your new piece is extraordinary. Maybe it is boring for Sienna Miller because, well, Sienna Miller has been active.

    Are bonnie wright and tom felton dating

    And could probably answer any question you come up with and any plot detail you might care to ask.

    When I read the books, I just read from the perspective of someone who's dying to know what happens generally before I even think about Hermione. I read it and I revel at the page whenever I see Draco's name I think.

    Daniel Radcliffe: Well, fortunately I don't think that's the case for any of us. Daniel Radcliffe: That's often the best way to deal with it. One, mine and Bonnie's, which is that kind of teenage thing where you're in love and it's pure and it's innocent and it's all that matters in your life. Daniel Radcliffe: It was very much exaggerated in the press recently, wasn't it? I've managed to balance studying and working well enough up to this point. I think that David can tell whether I'm acting or not by looking at my back, genuinely. He just knows when you're really there and in the moment and trying and when you're not.

    You just confront them with it then they often go off. Then there's the other kind which is more carnal and energetic; which is the one that Rupert was lucky enough to have. She's just a wreck because she can't control the way that she feels. Emma Watson: I think the media found it confusing that I wanted to go to university. A year ago he would say things to me, like, 'That was really great. Tom Felton: He actually does that five year old thing where he gets a shot that he likes and does this [jumps around]. He's incredibly gentle natured and he certainly got me through this film.

    Daniel Radcliffe: I do think if you spent a proper amount of time with me you would probably wonder if I was on drugs. Ron has a stalker girlfriend in the movie who's impressed with is celebrity. How do you manage dating in real life without the benefit of spells? I think it's a wonderfully endearing quality that he has. It's more than enough time to make one small 'Harry Potter' film but a couple of other films. Emma Watson: David is great in the sense that he won't let you do anything other than the very best that you can produce.

    This year it kind of changes it to being his general, a favorite lieutenant. Rupert Grint: It really wasn't something that we were looking forward to.So it's nice that she had just a bit of light relief for all of us. Rupert Grint: I think it's one of the funniest ones for me.Jim Broadbent (Professor Slughorn) who I think is hilarious in it.Daniel Radcliffe: I think for Tom to come in on this film having, if we're honest, not been asked to do a great deal in the last years, to come in and give the performance that you give in the sixth one is remarkable and fantastic. Are you guys happy with the way the next film is shaping up? The other films have this structure and it's like we come into the great hall and then we have this talk.There's a kind of structure that everything goes through and that's just kind of gone. Can you talk about the process of reading these books and knowing what these characters will be doing in books six and seven?

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