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    It's working out for them."It's certainly working in the NFL, where 53-man rosters of face-masked faces allow for swiping incognito.

    Bill simmons 10 simple rules to dating the sports guy

    He’s called multiple Super Bowls (he’ll do his ninth this year), World Series and NBA Finals, hosted eight Olympic Games (six winter and two summer), three Stanley Cups Finals (2000-02) and some Indy 500s. Those of a certain age will remember that Michaels also had a starring role in 1994 on the ABC News coverage of O. Simpson’s famous Bronco ride, where Michaels debunked the greatest prank call of all-time to a live news event.

    What you might not know is one of Michaels’ earliest jobs was for Chuck Barris Productions, where he worked as a booker for The Dating Game. Or that he was paid ,000 for his work in Jerry Maguire.

    The NBC Sports broadcaster, along with SI’s Jon Wertheim, has written a memoir (You Can't Make This Up: Miracles, Memories, and the Perfect Marriage of Sports and Television) about his life in broadcasting that debuts Nov. An excerpt from that book on Michaels’ relationship with Howard Cosell ran last week on

    How would your career be different if the Soviets ended up beating the Americans at the 1980 Winter Games and there was no Miracle on Ice?

    Switching from a team to a major rival is frowned upon. If you're happy to see them win, but are capable of seeing them lose in a devastatingly heartbreaking manner and just shrug it off, then you're not a fan(atic) but a booster.

    You need not sever all emotional ties with your former team(s), and may certainly root for them once your primary team is eliminated, but it is poor form to suddenly start claiming that they have always been your favorite team once they start winning. But if even years later, random reminders of a crushing loss still sends you into a momentary depressive state, as well as thoughts of a OMG NO THEY DIDN'T!

    After all, the media does not want to appear too biased in their support of their favorite country, the old Soviet Union. He faces an issue that will decide if he has a presidency or if he leaves the office in disgrace.

    When Donald Trump was elected, he may not have realized all the tough choices he would have to make as president. Often described as the "Little Paris of Middle Europe," Budapest is famous for its own 1,000-year-old culture and also the culture of others who settled here.

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    No working sports broadcaster can match the resume of Al Michaels.

    The irony was the Olympics took place in February 1980 and I had signed a five-year deal with ABC which began in January 1980. ” I said, “Honey, they are wearing the wrong uniforms. Somebody asked if I kept the headset for the broadcast. But I believe somewhere in some storage facility in Santa Monica might be the sweaters that Ken Dryden and I were wearing on the air. To say on the air the Steelers are a six-point favorite once in a while it is germane to what I am trying to point out, so I will say the Steelers are favored by about a touchdown. I think everything became surreal after that night in June 1994. The calls were similar to when I visited him in jail. He was upset about the way things were being covered, and in particular, how NBC’s local coverage was covering it given he was working for NBC at the time.

    So I was two months into a 60-month contract and a lot of people were saying after the Olympics, “Now you really have to renegotiate and you’ll be making a lot more money." But that never crossed my mind. My assignments did not change very much until 1982-83. 1 game in baseball for ABC, it had almost nothing to do with Lake Placid. What kind of mementos, if any, did you keep from the broadcast? My wife Linda was out on the street that Saturday (the day after the Miracle on Ice game) and wound up buying a painting of the U. • VAULT: 10 interesting facts you may not know about the Miracle on Ice You have always loved to sneak in gambling references on NFL broadcasts. Yes, you refer to your Rascal tendencies in the book. I find it more of a fun thing because there has always been this perception it is verboten and we are not allowed to talk about it. You could not believe what you were hearing, none of us could who knew him. I got the feeling he was fixated on how it all was playing publicly. This is the whole country watching a prank call on network television. I was trying to parse so carefully what I was saying that when the prank call was over I used words like “lest” and “farcical.' I love being in New York because there’s always fans yelling to me that “It’s totally farcical, Al! I have friends in studio positions and I know how the town works.

    Adopting secondary teams because your loved ones root for them is also acceptable. wins give you a quick lift of the spirits, then you are a fan.

    Not that there's anything wrong with being a booster; it's all only a game, and we're not even playing it ourselves.

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