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    Abbott, M and Anderson-Whymark, H, Stonehenge Laser Scan: Archaeological Analysis, English Heritage Research Department Report 32-2012 (Swindon, 2012) [accessed ] Adamson, T, ‘Stonehenge: the stone mason and his craft’, Antiquity 76 (2002), 41–2 [subscription required; accessed 3 March 2015] Allen, M, ‘Before Stonehenge’, in Stonehenge in Its Landscape, ed RMJ Cleal, KE Walker and R Montague, English Heritage Archaeological Report 10 (London, 1995), 41–62 Allen, M, ‘Environment and land-use: the economic development of the communities who built Stonehenge (an economy to support the stones)’, in Science and Stonehenge, ed B Cunliffe and C Renfrew, Proceedings of the British Academy 92 (Oxford, 1997), 115–44 Allen, M, Chan, B, Cleal, R, French, C, Marshall, P, Pollard, J, Pullen, R, Richards, C, Ruggles, C, Robinson, D, Rylatt, J, Thomas, J, Welham, K and Parker Pearson, M, ‘Stonehenge’s Avenue and “Bluestonehenge”’, 90 (2016), 991–1008 [subscription required; accessed ] Anon, ‘Stonehenge: human markings of ancient origin’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 47 (1936), 530–31 Aronson, M and Parker Pearson, M, If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge (National Geographic, 2010) Ashbee, P, ‘Stonehenge: its possible non-completion, slighting and dilapidation’, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 91 (1998), 139–42 Atkinson, KB, ‘The recording of some prehistoric carvings at Stonehenge’, Photogrammetric Record (1968), 24–31 Atkinson, RJC, ‘The date of Stonehenge’, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 18 (1953), 236–7 Atkinson, RJC, Stonehenge (London, 1956) Atkinson, RJC, ‘Moonshine on Stonehenge’, Antiquity 40 (1966), 212–16 [subscription required; accessed ] Atkinson, RJC, ‘The Stonehenge bluestones’, Antiquity 48 (1974), 62–3 [subscription required; accessed ] Atkinson, RJC, ‘Interpreting Stonehenge’, Nature 265 (1977), 50–52 [subscription required; accessed ] Atkinson, RJC, ‘Some new measurements on Stonehenge’, Nature 275 (1978), 50–52 [subscription required; accessed ] Atkinson, RJC, Stonehenge, 2nd edn (Harmondsworth, 1979) Atkinson, RJC, ‘Aspects of the archaeoastronomy of Stonehenge’, in Archaeoastronomy in the Old World, ed DC Heggie (Cambridge, 1982), pp 107–16 Atkinson, RJC, Stonehenge and Neighbouring Monuments, 2nd edn (English Heritage guidebook, London, 1995) Atkinson, RJC, Piggott, S and Stone, JFS, ‘The excavation of two additional holes at Stonehenge, 1950, and the evidence for the date of the monument’, Antiquaries Journal 32 (1952), 14–20 [subscription required; accessed ] Aubrey, J, Monumenta Britannica, or, A Miscellany of British Antiquities, Parts I and II, ed J Fowles (Sherborne, 1980–82; originally compiled 1665–93) Bakker, JA, ‘Lucas de Heere's Stonehenge’, Antiquity 53 (1979), 107–11 [subscription required; accessed ] Bakker, JA, ‘Two drawings of Stonehenge from 1662 by William Schellinks’, in In Discussion with the Past, ed H Safartij, WJH Verwers and PJ Woltering (Zwolle, 1999) Banton, S, Bowden, M, Daw, T, Grady, D and Soutar, S, ‘Parchmarks at Stonehenge, July 2013’, Antiquity 88 (2014), 733–9 [subscription required; accessed ] Barber, M, ‘Stonehenge from the air in 1900: the ballooning adventures of the Reverend John Mc Kenzie Bacon’, Aerial Archaeology Research Group News 30 (2005), 9–17 Barber, M, , English Heritage Research Department Report 6-2014 (Portsmouth, 2014) [accessed ] Barclay, E, Stonehenge and Its Earthworks (London, 1895) Barrett, JC, ‘Stonehenge, land, sky and the seasons’, British Archaeology 29 (1997), 8–9 [accessed ] Barrett, JC, and Fewster, KJ, ‘Stonehenge: is the medium the message?

    RJM Cleal et al, Stonehenge in Its Landscape: Twentieth-century Excavations (1995) is an invaluable reference work, and contains detailed information about all the 20th-century excavations at Stonehenge.Another key book is C Chippindale’s Stonehenge Complete (4th edn, 2012), which provides the best overview of the later history of Stonehenge.The Stonehenge WHS archaeological research framework is a major resource for understanding the wider landscape of Stonehenge and Avebury.The full guide to the archive produced in 2005 should be referred to for further details: Records such as photographs and site plans remain in the English Heritage Archives, and Hawley’s original diaries are held at the Society of Antiquaries of London.Copies are lodged in the main archive in Salisbury.

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