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    Dating persian jewish men

    He refused to tell his family about our son until he was over a year old. and so, he does expect you to a certain extent, to respect his culture too. Try looking at it from his perspective and feelings. my Husband, went through periods of feeling REAL lonely and isolated and disrespected... Remember, your Husband is a "minority" among minorities... His side of the family has a cultural pull toward alcohol consumption.My experience so far with I guess if you want to call his explanation of his culture has not been pleasant. because "my" family was so overbearing and ignorant... I come from a non-drinking family and I have a hard time with that.nor to completely convert nor to completely 'be' the other culture... Your son will also be vulnerable to bad influences no matter what ethnicity he is.because the bottom line is, you are all a MIXED family of different cultures. What guards children against influences like cults, drugs, violence, promiscuity, etc.I have a very big family and he barely has any in the area. He really does not like th Farsi language as it is hard and Dad makes it a shore instead of a fun item. this is not Persia and your son is a part of a mixed cultural family AND just being in America is another "culture" to adapt to too. that our kids, don't speak his language as fluently as him. Latino and Persian culture are very different and etiquette is different as well.

    I love to go to her mother's house and eat because the food is INCREDIBLE. If you are afraid of religious indoctrination, that is understandable.

    My problem is that whenever we are around the persian community he changes to a very different person and not a in a nice way. I wonder if there are counselors who are experts in blending cultural differences in marriages? I know of about 3 women who have experienced almost the exact same thing, because Iran does not recognize dual citizenship when you are there.

    I don't want my son to feel that he has to act one way with the persian crowd and another with the Latino crowd. I do teach him the proper behavior in both but so far being around the persian crowd has not made me or my son feel welcomed. I guess, I should have given a little more background to the root of the problem. In my State, there are so many different cultures... He has NO ONE, of his family, right there with him. ---------------- EDITED TO ADD: I just read your update about the pushing you to have an abortion and leaving the country to be engaged and hiding the child until he was a year old. And while some may argue the whole "Not Without My Daughter" scenario is extreme, the truth is, that it happens... It happened to my former coach as well and she hasn't seen her son in over 15 years. I'm in an intercultural/ interreligious relationship with my husband.

    Not once did she bother to address me to let me know how our son was doing. Speaking many languages has opened fantastic doors for me in life.

    This is the type of treatment I get everywhere I go with him. Also, the older I get, the more I understand that I'm not just me, but also my mother, grandmother, etc. If your son wanted to learn geometry but not algebra, would you go along with that?

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