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    The crushing equipment lines were sold to Svedala Industri (Collection 1432) in 1988.Svedala was acquired by Metso Minerals (formerly Nordberg Manufacturing Company) (Collection 1116) in 2001. Bureau of Reclamation U dozer Ullin, Illinois Ulrich Universal Bucket Universal Pulleys Company University of Nebraska Utah Construction Utility Department V blade Vi-Con Vibratory feeder Viking Subsidiary of Allied Farm WABCOWagner Wagon crane Warn Industries Washita Valley Water conservation Waterway Water works Wausau Iron Works Wellco Sub West Allis, Wisconsin Wheel dozer Wheel loader Wheel This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions.Stansteel was sold by Green Steel and relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, where it remains as of 2011. Equipment AMSCOAnaconda Anderson Angle dozer Archer Ltd. However, the loaders built by the Industrial tractors that had not been extensively modified. Army Corps of Engineers, and State of California standard, R. Gabco Manufacturing Company and Medford Steel Division C. C., Inc., ROPS; and, • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard J321, mud flap and fender; • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard J386, seat belt, and E. Bullard Company, Warn Industries, and Murphy (no other identification), backup alarm and automatic shutdown alarm; • U. Consists of (10) 11x14 pages, (5) 11x28 two-panel foldouts (HD5, HD6, , grader, dozer attachment) and (5) 22x28 four-panel foldouts (HD16, HD21, scraper, loader and wheel dozer). 14 pull grader; 42 and 54 Speed Patrol motor grader; I-U industrial wheel sales literature: Production estimating guide. 341 loose ground lister; sickle bar mower; disc hiller; mulcher; 1-214 plow; disc harrow, spring tooth and spike tooth harrow; and All-Crop Harvester combine. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for E60, L90, U40 and W25 gas engine and power unit, including kerosene and natural gas. 1937-1987], [Group 5: Audio-visual media], [Group 6: Miscellaneous records], [Group 7: Judd Griffith Collection records], [Group 8: Donald W.Arps ATECOAthey Auger Austin-Western Australia Backfill blade Backhoe Backup alarm Baker Manufacturing Company Ballast pit Ball mill Bank Sloper Bantam Bates Bay City Shovels Beatrice, Nebraska Behlen Manufacturing Beloit Corporation Beloit Woodlands Division Bidding Bin gate Blake Bluffton, Ohio Boom Booster steering Boron steel Bottom dump Bottom dump wagon Boulder Dam Box patent hoist Bracket Brakes Broom Broom attachment Brush canopy Bucket elevator Bucket selection Buda Company Burgess-Manning C-frame C. Best Company Cab Cab glass Cable backhoe Cable control unit Cable plow Cable shovel Calcium chloride Caldwell California Aqueduct Campbell Canopy Capline Carbon Limestone Company Carburetor Carco Carryall Carry dozer Car shaker Car unloader Case Casper Stolle Quarry Caterpillar Cedar Rapids, Iowa Centrifugal pump Chain drive Chain fall Champion Road Machinery Channelization Charleston, West Virginia Chicago & Northwestern Chicago, Illinois Chigley Sandy Creek Chip dozer City of San Antonio City of Whitewater, Wisconsin Clark Equipment Clark Michigan Clearing dozer Clearing rake Cletrac CNHCoal & Coke Railway Company Coal dozer Coal handling Colonia Constancia Columbus, Ohio Combine Concrete mixer attachment Cone crusher Contour farming Control system Corliss Corps of Engineers Crane attachment CRC Crose Creeper gear Crusher Crusher-compactor Crusher plant Cultivator Curtiss-Wright Cushion dozer Cutting edge Cyclo-Pac D9 Quad Dalbeattie Granite Works Danuser Davenport Locomotive Davis, Oklahoma Dealership Dearborn Deck screen Deere Deerfield, Illinois Delta Pumping Plant Demonstration Detroit Harvester Deutz Dewatering screen Diesel engine Differential Differential hook block Direct drive Disc harrow Discontinuance Distillate Dodge Donaldson Dozer Dragline Drawbar Drophammer Drophammer attachment Drott Dryer Dump car Dunmire Equipment Company Durasteel Durston Gold Mining Company Dynahoe E. Other attachments, such as scarifiers, that were designed only for use with the loader arrangement of these tractors are classified loader attachments. Also includes cross reference of Royal Blue cutting edges to: • Caterpillar 7S, 8S and 9S straight dozer; • Caterpillar 7A and 8A, Euclid C6, 82-30 and 82-40 angle dozer; • Caterpillar 9C pushloading dozer; • Caterpillar 8DU and 9U and Euclid C6, 82-30, 82-40 and TC12 U dozer; • International Harvester dozer for TD18, TD20, TD20B, TD20G, TD24, TD25, TD25B, TD25C, TD25D and TD25G and Hough D400 wheel dozer; • Caterpillar 619C, 621, 627, 630A, 630B, 631A, 631B, 632, 641, 650, 651, 657, 660 and 666; Euclid 21SH, 22SH, 23SH, 27SH, 28SH, 29SH, 31SH, 32SH, 33SH, 36SH, 37SH, 38SH, 39SH, 40SH, 42SH, 46SH, 47SH, 48SH, 50SH, 51SH, 52SH, 53SH, 54SH, 55SH, 56SH, 59SH, 60SH, 61SH, 62SH, 63SH, 65SH, 66SH, 76SH, 77SH, 78SH, 79SH, 80SH, 81SH, 82SH, 83SH, 84SH (scraper only), S12, S18, S24, S28, S32, SS15, SS18, SS24, SS28, SS40, TS14, TS18, TS24, TS32, TSS24, TTS14, and TTSS40; and International Harvester 270, 295B, 295D and 495 hydraulic Payscraper motor scraper; and, • Caterpillar J619C, J621 and 633, and International Harvester E200 and E211 elevating scraper. Includes: Condensed spec sheet for HD3, HD6B, HD11B, HD16DC and HD21P crawler tractor; TL30, TL40, TL545 and TL645 wheel loader; HD6G, HD7G, HD11GC and HD21G crawler loader; 260E elevating scraper; 260P, 460 and 562 prime mover and motor scraper; TR260 rock wagon; model D, DD, M70 and M100 motor grader; discussion of diesel engine, torque converter and hydraulics; and applications and operation of crawler tractor, straight dozer, angle dozer, coal dozer, clearing rake, U dozer, sideboom, winch, crane attachment, ripper, pull scraper; sheepsfoot roller, towed pneumatic roller, loader, loader attachment (hydraulic backhoe attachment, lift forks, ripper, winch, snow blower, front dozer, Lift Tongs [log forks], loader bucket capacity ratings, motor scraper; industrial wheel tractor, loader/backhoe, broom and rough-terrain forklift; ownership and operating costs; material weight; soil engineering; units of measure; load distribution; and factors to be considered in bidding a project. Includes photographs of Corliss or drop piston valve steam engine; generator in power plant; massive gyratory crusher; centrifugal pump, hydraulic turbine at Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam); assembly line; machining crankshaft for world’s largest gas engine; and power units loaded on flatcar. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for portable gyratory crusher plant. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for stationary gyratory crusher plant and components. Includes article, Large Gates Breakers for Use in Connection with Steam Shovels, reprinted from Industrial Progress magazine with photograph shows 110 ton railroad shovel loading dump cars at Michigan Alkali Company, Alpena, Michigan; engineering drawing and schematic of stationary plants; and factory interior with No.

    The Company was organized into various departments and divisions to administer its widely varied product lines.sales literature: Brochure and condensed spec sheet for G138, G160, G226 and G262 gas engine, natural gas engine and LPG engine, and D262, 2800, 2900 Turbocharged, 3400, 3500 Turbocharged, 10000, 11000 Turbocharged, 1600H, 2100H Turbocharged and 25000 Turbocharged diesel engine for irrigation applications. sales literature: Spec sheet for 11HA hydraulic angle dozer, 11HS hydraulic straight dozer, 11HI hydraulic inside-mount straight dozer, 11CS cable straight dozer and 11CA cable angle dozer for HD11B and HD11E sales literature: Catalog and condensed spec sheet discusses: Crusher selection and application; Hydrocone gyratory crusher; A-1 and FR jaw crusher; Pulverator hammermill; Type B roll crusher; Air Set and other granulating mill; flaking mill; D175, D262, 3400, 3500, 6000, 7000, 10000, 11000, 16000, 19000, 2100 diesel engine; rod mill; ball mill; vibrating grizzly; XXH-ROM, model S, model SH and XH Ripl-Flo, and AVS Aero-Vibe deck screen; dewatering screen; gyratory screen; material cooler; kiln; dryer; log washer; car shaker; vibratory feeder; balling pan; balling drum; compacting mill; separator; control system; centrifugal pump; air compressor; electric motor; starter; drive; butterfly valve; cone valve; switchgear; substation; transformer; rectifier; industrial forklift; and yard truck. • Also: Seat belts; brakes, to comply with SAE J237; horn; backup alarm; fenders; noise; hydraulic lift arm locks; cab glass; lights; fire extinguisher; and sideboom meeting SAE J743a-1964. sales literature: Sales training, comparative spec sheet and features of model 545, Caterpillar 920 and 930, Clark Michigan 55, Deere 544, Hough H60B, Terex 72-21, Trojan 1700 and Wabco 150B Scoopmobile articulated wheel loader. Discusses material weight and loader bucket selection. service literature: Parts book for 28 diesel engine and power unit, supersedes TPL-4049, and operation manual and maintenance manual for same, TM-5027 (supersedes TM-5020), riveted together. service literature: Operation manual and service manual for Standard Type Mc Cully gyratory crusher. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for Model U Ind“U”strial wheel tractor and applications (motor grader with and without crawler assembly, Schramm Self-Propelled Compressor air compressor, bottom dump wagon, crawler tractor with crawler conversion, Hughes-Keenan Iron Mule shuttle dump, Bay City Shovels Pup and agricultural implement (No. sales literature: Line card and condensed spec sheet discusses Superior primary and secondary gyratory crusher, A-1 and Type R-T jaw crusher, Hydrocone cone crusher and 36, 45 and 51 cone crusher plant, Accupactor impact crusher, 24 jaw crusher plant, 1336 Superior gyratory crusher plant, ST and XH Ripl-Flo deck screen and deck screen plant, car shaker and vibratory feeder. Page dating: Jul 1 1959: 25-40, 43-52 Sep 26 1959: 1-24, 41, 42 sales literature: Spec sheets, shipping weights, and part numbers for available stock of standard bucket, wide bucket, snow bucket, round nose bucket, front dozer, high lift arrangement, lift forks, and crane hook for TLB and TLW Tractomotive Tracto-Loader wheel loader. sales literature: Spec sheets, shipping weights, and part numbers for Pacific Car & Foundry (Carco) products: Model K, model R and model T yarder hoist; model A3, model C, model E24, model F, model FO, model G, model GO and model J winch and fairlead; Junior, Light and Standard crawler log arch; 8C Log Cart rubber-tired log arch; Trackson LJ and LS Crane crane attachment (rear boom); and model L front cable control unit. Originally published by Worthington Pump and Machinery, includes instructions and illustrations of babbiting. service literature: Service manual for 6HA, 11CA, 11HA, 16CA, 16HA, 21CA and 21HA angle dozer; 6HS, 11CS, 11HI, 11HS, 16CS, 16HS, 21CS and 21HS straight dozer, 75 rear cable control and F100 front cable control for HD6, HD11, HD16 and HD21 service literature: Service manual Hydreco hydraulic pump, control valve and hydraulic motor for dozer, motor grader and Baker Manufacturing Company dozer. Stansteel eventually went into dormancy until purchased in the early 1980s by Green Steel of Longview, Texas. Murphy Freeman Friction hoist Front dozer FWD Wagner G. Only two crawler loaders, the HD7G and HD12G, were built without corresponding crawler tractor models, although the HD12G was about the size of an HD11 and used the same ripper. sales literature: Sales training, comparative spec sheet for flywheel horsepower, cubic inch displacement, governed RPM and loaded weight/hp ratio for 260A (260 Series A), Caterpillar 621, Clark Michigan 210, International Harvester 270 Payscraper, and WABCO C229G prime mover and motor scraper. sales literature: Sales training, comparative spec sheet and engineering study of 260EA (260E Series A) and Caterpillar J621 prime mover and elevating scraper grading exit ramp in southern California. 3 pages.; 8, 10, 12 and 14 pull grader; 42 and 54 Speed Patrol motor grader; E60, L90, U40 and W25 gas engine and power unit; 11-yard and 15-yard 2-way, 5.5-6 and 7-8 yard bottom dump wagon, and 8-yard end dump (gravity dump) , pull scraper and motor scraper, used by Tecon Construction Company on site preparation work for Trousdale Construction Company, Millbrae, California, photocopied from Mar 15 1956 issue of Engineering News-Record., over 50 machines used by Morrison-Knudsen Company Inc., and Utah Construction Company at Toquepala development for Southern Peru Copper Corporation, photocopied from Jan 1959 issue of Roads & Streets. Discusses design, loading characteristics, modifications, failures and repairs. sales literature: Brochure discusses soil conservation, water conservation and land improvement market for construction equipment.Green Steel continued to service the Stansteel customers with parts, field service and components and started making complete plants again in the late 80s. Because of the extent of modifications to the tractors, all /Tractomotive crawler loaders models HD5G and up are classified as Class 2640, integral crawler loaders, even though technically the majority of models were not integral loaders in the truest sense of the term. Discusses Lost Creek Watershed Program, Wisconsin; Washita Valley flood, Davis, Oklahoma in 1957, with map of Chigley Sandy Creek watershed; dam, pond, terracing, waterway and channelization construction; land clearing; contour farming; strip cropping; and stubble mulching. oversize sales literature: Application guide in binder for Regal cutting edge, end bit, tooth assembly, edge end, vertical side and attaching hardware for: • Straight dozer and angle dozer for HD5, HD6, HD7, HD9, HD10, HD11, HD14, HD15, HD16, HD19, ; • 145, 145T, AD3, AD4, AD20, AD40, AD45, BD, model D, DD, M65, M70, and M100B (M100 Series B) motor grader, on single sheet; • TLD and TLDD loader attachment, shoulder maintainer, snow plow, front dozer and windrow eliminator for motor grader, on single sheet; • C44, C106, C108 and C315 pull scraper; TS160, TS200, TS260, model 260, TS360, 460B (460 Series B), 562 and D562 motor scraper, and 260E Series A (260EA) elevating scraper, all on single sheet; • TL6 industrial wheel loader; TD10, TL11, TL11D, TL12, TL14, TL14DA, TL16, TL20, TL30 and TL40 rigid frame wheel loader; TL545, model 545, 545H, 545B (545 Series B), 605B, TL645, model 645, 645B (645 Series B), 745 and 745H articulated frame wheel loader; Tractomotive TS5, TS9, TS15, TS16 and TS20 loader attachment; and HD5G, HD6G, HD7G, HHD11G, HD12G, 12G, HD15G, HD16G, HD20G and HD21G loader, all on one soiled sheet; • Dozer attachment for above loaders; • Straight dozer and semi-U dozer for D30 and D40 rigid frame wheel dozer; and, • TBH hydraulic backhoe attachment. 32 planting attachment; rolling coulter; pea attachment; No. d.], [Group 2: Photographic media], [Group 3: Periodicals, 1958-1966], [Group 4: Business records, c.

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