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    Smith has since appeared in several Hollywood films, and has become best known for his roles as Alan Abernathy in Small Soldiers, Ephram Brown on the television series Everwood, and more recently as Dov Epstein on the hit police drama series Rookie Blue. However, before you just hit the road, there are some decisions you must make. " 2 " COPS: 0,0,"Mega Fon"" 3 "OK" Network name received Parsing COPS: 0,0,"Mega Fon" with COPS: @i, @i, @s Parsed int 0 Parsed int 0 Grabbed string from reply: "Mega Fon" (parsed 9 bytes) Parsed generic string "Mega Fon" Generic string decoded as "Mega Fon" Leaving GSM_Get Network Info [Terminating] [Closing] [[email protected] ~]$ time gammu identify Device : /dev/tty S0 Manufacturer : Siemens Model : unknown (OK) Firmware : REVISION 02.00 IMEI : 357249011944040 SIM IMSI : 250023003327532 real 0m11.256s user 0m0.006s sys 0m0.014s [[email protected] ~]$ time gammu monitor 1 Press Ctrl C to break... Enabling info about incoming SMS : No response in specified timeout. Enabling info about incoming CB : No response in specified timeout. " 2 "ERROR" Checking line: ERROR AT reply state: 3 1 "AT^SQWE? CNM 49I|3A:|20 |28(|300|2D-|333|29)|2C,|28(|300|2C,|311|29)|2C,|28( I: (0-3),(0,1),( 300|2C,|322|2C,|333|29)|2C,|28(|300|2C,|322|29)|2C,|28(|311|29) 0,2,3),(0,2),(1) 0D |0A |0D |0A |4FO|4BK|0D |0A .... Parsing range: (0-3),(0,1),(0,2,3),(0,2),(1) Returning range: 0, 1, 2, 3, -1 Parsing range: (0,1),(0,2,3),(0,2),(1) Returning range: 0, 1, -1 Parsing range: (0,2,3),(0,2),(1) Returning range: 0, 2, 3, -1 Parsing range: (0,2),(1) Returning range: 0, 2, -1 Enabling incoming CB SENDING frametype 0x00/length 0x0D/13 41A|54T|2B |43C|4EN|4DM|49I|3D=|322|2C,|2C,|322|0D AT CNMI=2,,2. " 2 " CSCS: ("GSM","UCS2")" 3 "OK" Checking line: OK AT reply state: 1 RECEIVED frametype 0x00/length 0x29/41 41A|54T|2B |43C|53S|43C|53S|3D=|3F? 1 "AT CGMM" 2 "MC35i" 3 "OK" Checking line: OK AT reply state: 1 RECEIVED frametype 0x00/length 0x17/23 41A|54T|2B |43C|47G|4DM|4DM|0D |0D |0A |4DM|43C|333|355|69i|0D AT CGMM...

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    Angelina Jolie Fox famously complained to British mag that director Michael Bay "wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. I'm sorry that I'm making you show up on time.

    So he's a nightmare to work for." Explains Bay: "She was in a different world, on her Black Berry. And you know, the Hitler thing." Even executive producer Steven Spielberg got wind of Fox's inflammatory comments. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy." PHOTOS: Megan and other stars obsessed with Marilyn Monroe Fox even sent her own white flag — a text message — to Bay three months ago, he says.

    "Steven [Spielberg] said, ' Fire her right now,'" Bay reveals to . "She said, ' I hope you're doing well.'…When you're days and months on a set, it's like a family.

    PHOTOS: Megan's sexy Transformers style "Criticism is one thing," star Shia La Beouf reasons.

    Many say Pinkel would wholesale jerseys be crazy to take the UW job but this is wholesale jerseys his hockey jerseys cheap blank journals last chance if he truly wants things.

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    A source insists that Shia has "really upset" the couple, with Megan "in tears" ever since he made their affair public. We still maintain he had no business running his mouth off like that. Nevermind that Shia never detailed the exact time frame of his affair with Megan…or that Megan and BAG’s relationship, while at times off-and-on, seemed pretty “on” for most of the “We’ve been together for six years."Then there's public name-calling, which turns into high school bashing. She started s***-talking our captain." Bay insists he "wasn't hurt" by Fox's snipe. and claimed that at the time of Shia and Megan’s hookup, Megan and BAG were on a break.

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