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    Speed dating es la moda para conocer gente de forma rápida, divertida y segura. You can create your profile, create a blog, join the discussion forums, and share pictures with other community members.

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    This is a recollection of unrealeased tracks from several projects involve in Vivid Tribe Of Psychics : Gestalt Orchestr A A-332291456814407/ Parrhesia Sound System Ubuntu Sound Antisystem... Here are the video clips https://vimeo.com/wildwormweb Flac and wav files available in free download here... and[]=subject:"orestes" Turntable credits : "Danse du feu" Manuel de Falla "Asturias" Isaac Albeniz Video Clips https://vimeo.com/184503099 https:// v=s Wt Vdf3tyd Y crédits paru le 24 septembre 2016 No Samples Were Harmed during this recording. More Corte X music in free download here play.dogmazic.net#artists.php? v=odh VIrb Y6u I released September 10, 2016 Flac and wav files available in free download here https://yoshiwaku.bandcamp.com/album/paranormal Corte X is part of...

    This is a kind of tribute to Crammed discs awesome serie "Made to Measure", especially the first volume with Minimal Compact, Tuxedomoon, Benjamin Lew, Aksak Maboul. As if you enjoy WWW music you should definitivly check Ubuntu Sound Antisystem music... v=6l SH9H3Oh C0 Flac and wav files available in free download here https://twinrealitiesdreamers.bandcamp.com/album/universal-love-declaration crédits paru le 13 juillet 2016 Damaris... More music from Oreste S in free download here archive.org/details/le-colibri-necrophile? Thanks so much to Thomas Knoefel and collaborators for the voices.

    See Saw & Ohm Sounds on tracks 5/3/4 added in september 2015. Also some of the actual tracks will be edit for the whole still fit in one audio CD. Wild Worm Web Twin Realities Dreamers Tape Parrhesia Sound System Chromatic The Colibri Necrophile presents : Grey Phonics by Yoshiwaku 01.

    First this album was called Pareidolia as you can still find it here https://yoshiwaku.bandcamp.com/album/pareidolia But we choised to change the titles next to change the title of the video clip which was "Do You... You can download freely the various EP in mp3 Voices of the Angels in the Head urban Gnaouas John Age New Cage Pirate Utopia : Albion Moonlight and the free...

    Maybe this is the second step of a kind of copythief tribute to the director of these amazing films : " The Brood " / " Videodrome" / "The Naked Lunch" . Yoshiwaku is now part of Vivid Tribe of Psychics https://archive.org/search.php? It could sounds industrial-dark-trip-hop-folk-electro it is just agitprop muzak ! The set of themes of volume 6 is Virtual / Fusion / Material : Revolution. archive.org/details/The Acid Kaleidoscope Experience Chromatic archive.org/details/Feu De Joie Gestalt Orchestr A

    Music half made of samples, half made of improvisated kaossilator . query=creator:"Vivid Tribe Of Psychics Unsafe Territory is a triple 78 mn CDR best of Yoshiwaku. It is a nice way to discover Yoshiwaku musical explorations… If you prefer flac files than mp3 you can download the second half of the discography freely here https://yoshiwaku.bandcamp.com/ Last things Yoshiwaku is now part of Vivid Tribe Of Psychics and... The set of themes of volume 5 is Artificial / Fusion / Natural : Union. Recreation (filtered) of Forest murmurs (Suma sumori) by Slavko Vorkapich and John Hoffman. archive.org/details/Canku Wakan Symbol Of Subversion... Vivid Tribe Of Psychics is the meeting of the fine fleur of the necrophile hummingbird netlabel.

    Still work In Progress : additional lyrics coming soon ?A surprising mix of french poetry with multiversal music. the 4 tracks of the first side are more easylistening, did I say pop ? 15H of outsider music soon in free download here https://archive.org/download/Necktar2017Volume8/Necktar2017Volume8_vbr_mp3Free download release party online the 23th january 2016. Le Colibri Nécrophile presents an invitation to free the musical langage : anything broadcast should be considere as resources possible to be use, reproduce, deriv, alterate, remix... Or in other words, a good way to throw back to the brave new world the mainstream media propaganda. Le Colibri Necrophile presents something which could be the perfect audio gift for the lupercalia ( the festival replaced by the weak christian saint valentine ) but it is just a weird sort of post-punk greyphonics close of the oldstyle new musick... The set of themes of volume 8 is Chaos / Transmission / Harmony : Humanity. Wild Worm Web To Be Cannon Fodder Twin Realities Dreamers while the 4 tracks of the second one are more hardlistening, did I say post-punk ? Official band webpage Fakebook...1 Escape Love Game ! https:// Previous issues are available in free download here who is behind this 8th volume here on youtube... Tracks are extract from an improvisation done the 20th June 2015 in dole (f Rance). Face to their violence the copythief attitude is just resistance. The set of themes of volume 7 is Death / Transmission / Life : Mythos. archive.org/details/Desire Sellotape Aside Parrhesia Sound System Special thanks then to David Cronenberg for the horror music samples. before listen to the numerous free albums, eps and video clips. Save From Oblivion is a double 78 mn best of Twin Realities Dreamers. Music by Chromatic "Several Earths" from TERRE MAGNA MATER in free download here archive.org/details/Terra Magna Mater & from Après la Pluie archive.org/details/Apres La Pluie Lo St Documentary mashed up with 1KK[W]AY free noise improvisations recorded the 21 October 2011 at Les Ateliers de Bitche. Thanks to the Residents for their awesome ESKIMOS Album and to Nanook of the North for inspirated this cultural mix !! More free music from them : K/W/A/Y Generale Ardleg & Khaoman Soundtrack by OP In free download here K Ii Films Omnibus Les Mystères du château de Dé (1929) Le Retour à la raison (1923) L'Étoile de mer (1928) From Ubuweb recreation by OP in free download here K Ii French avant-garde cinema at its best. Wild Worm Web To Be Cannon Fodder Twin Realities Dreamers Tracks are extract from a long improvisation done for recreate the soundtrack of the Cult Ira Cohen's Film "The Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda". v=Ug Mi Vt0q E-w Yoshiwaku is now part of Vivid Tribe of Psychics Tribe Of Psychics Wisdom Undoing Randomized Mechanism by Wild Worm Web is a tribute to Jeff Noon's Alice Automated. Black Power to the People [A Tribute to Leroy Jones] 02. Free download of this EP in flac or wav on the bandcamp profile. There is no inedit, only two reworked tracks, because the selection was allready tricky to do. Dimitri Kirsanoff's Menilmontant (1925) Directed by Dimitri Kirsanoff (b. France, February 11 1957, of a heart attack) Cast: Nadia Sibirskaia (Younger sister), Yolande Beaulieu (Older sister), Guy Belmont (Young man), Jean Pasquier, Maurice Ronsard. archive.org/details/Desire Sellotape Aside Parrhesia Sound System Wisdom Undoing Randomized Mechanism [A Tribute to Jeff Noon] 03. Daisy Bell [A Tribute to all the Computers] Here are the video clips Worm Web/videos New Ewa by L'Antiprintemps.

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