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    we're told the guy's just a friend, and they were with a group. doesn't look like Paris was too into the races, and we can't blame her. Funny thing the young conservative, Christian women loved it - They didn't seem to mind the message of sex and money.

    Sedating children on flights

    I have phoned Boots and ordered baby food and drink i will need on the other side of security at the airport as they are so strick as to what you can actually take through. Trying to get as much sleep as i can over the next few days before flying incase i get none on the flight. I think you will find that your little one will sleep fine on the flight, my little one always has, we just use to give him a bottle of milk to send him off.I wouldnt give them medicine to make them drousy, as they are not ill.It's an often-repeated joke -- or advice -- that parents share on the playground or on Twitter and Facebook pages.One mom, Jill Smokler, said she doesn't vilify parents who medicate their kids: "It's not the end of the world." "It's certainly better than being pushed to edge, spanking a child or slamming doors or really losing it," she said.

    Jane i too wouldnt "drug" my child on a flight just make sure you follow the same sleep cues as at home eg comforter,milk ,dummy whatever your child associates with sleep and change into babygro too so he is nice and comfy ive not done it personally,but a friend lives in aus and does it with her 12 month old a lot !My main bit of advice is don't worry if your baby does not sleep at the times you want as long as he sleeps some, otherwise he/she will be really grumpy - sleep when your baby sleeps even if you are in the middle of a good film as you don't know when the next sleep will come.Don't worry about the other people on the flight you will most probably never see them again!! Good luck on the flight - honestly it was not that bad, I was expecting to be a lot worse.I have tried Phernaghan which he was hyper on and I also tried Arnica the homeopathy liquid which didn't do much!go see your gp who will be able to offer a mild sedative to let baby sleep i got one when my ds was yound and we were go to aussie to see relatives and he was fine a bit groggy when he woke up but he was fine I flew to Oz with my 3 month son last August - it is up to you, as some people do not like giving babies medicine when not required, but someone recommended it to me and it worked.

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