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    On their way, Lynn tells Steve that he’s very ambitious, Steve asks why. Zoosk began as a Facebook application but is now an independent site with more than 50 million members. For consistency with these early papers, and to avoid the risk of a double correction for the incorrect half-life, radiocarbon ages are still calculated using the incorrect half-life value.

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    (MORE: Watch Out, Here Come the Wii U Vultures (Is Anyone Not Sold Out of the Wii U?)) There’s even a real-time modding angle in : In story mode, one player can use the Game Pad to create “boost blocks” that help other Wii Remote players navigate tricky sections of a level or access tough to reach areas.For all the talk about missed opportunities — that Nintendo ought to take Mario and Co.multiplatform — you could argue Nintendo wouldn’t be Nintendo without its focus on how we play, as much as what we play.And wander it will, especially when playing the closest thing to a must-have Wii U launch title, , which has you tilting the Game Pad left or right to steer a rickety roller through a zany Rube Goldberg-ish obstacle course.

    Nintendo’s made it all but impossible to justify the less expensive 0 Basic model. Make of that what you will, but it means the Wii U you’re getting on Nov.

    It’s also kind of liberating having that second screen in more traditional games, making information you’d normally pause the game to access available at a glance, say the map view in . The Game Pad also sometimes slips out of sync with the base station, the music running a microbeat behind the TV, causing sonic chaos unless you turn the Game Pad’s volume down. Neither issue’s a deal-breaker, but it’s a little disappointing that something this physically big, not doing any serious local processing, can only manage half the battery life of something like Apple’s i Pad playing a game like .

    Since the 1500 m Ah Li-ion battery is replaceable, I’d like to think we’ll see more capable aftermarket options arriving shortly.

    sells for standalone, so that it’s a pack-in with the 0 Deluxe model justifies the extra alone. 18 isn’t entirely the Wii U Nintendo’s been promising for several months.

    But the Deluxe model also includes 32 GB of internal storage (the Basic only has 8 GB, and roughly 4 GB of that is earmarked for system data), a Wii U Game Pad charging cradle, a Wii U Game Pad stand and a Wii U console stand. (We’ll follow up with a review of the services once they’re live.) The Wii caught everyone by surprise six years ago. Even now, with nearly 100 million systems sold worldwide — tens of millions more than either Microsoft or Sony — you’ll still find people dismissing the Wii as an underpowered, overhyped game system everyone bought but no one plays.

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