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    Validating aurora b as an anticancer drug target

    Microtubule inhibitor dosage can be significantly reduced when combined with a PLK1 inhibitor.The efficacy of these inhibitor combinations was validated by our experimental results.In addition, Plk1 and Aurora A signaling functions are mutually dependent in proliferating human cells (23–26).This makes interpretation of experiments in which Aurora A or Plk1 inhibitors are employed potentially confusing because phenotypes assigned to one inhibitor target might actually be due to indirect inhibition of the other kinase.Inhibitor structure-activity relationship trends, which are often gleaned from combined biochemical and structural analysis, can be mechanistically revealing, but often fail to adequately address the interconnected issues of specificity and chemical resistance.Indeed, the emergence of drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia patients is testament to the high mutagenic susceptibility of protein kinases either selected for, or induced by, inhibitor exposure , making the discovery of mechanistically distinct inhibitors as backup therapies vitally important (9, 10).This is a vital issue because claims for specificity have rarely stood the test of time, yet a detailed knowledge of kinase inhibitor promiscuity would be beneficial in the clinic, where the simultaneous blockade of multiple signaling pathways can be exploited as an anticancer strategy (8).

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    Remarkably, scientific conclusions drawn in many thousands of peer-reviewed research papers every year rely upon experiments conducted with kinase inhibitors, but in only a handful of studies is the important question of inhibitor specificity explicitly addressed (4–7).A more detailed knowledge of the substrates and physiological events regulated by Aurora and Polo signaling pathways has been facilitated by the development of potent inhibitors of both enzyme families (13, 14).These include clinical candidates such as the dual Aurora/tyrosine kinase inhibitors VX-680 (15, 16) and AT9283 (17) and the Aurora inhibitors MLN8054 (18) and AZD1152 (19).We demonstrate that a VX-680-resistant Aurora A mutant remains sensitive to the distinct anti-proliferative agent MLN8054 in human cells and that Aurora B is the critical target of VX-680 that promotes cell death in a cancer cell model.Furthermore, by analyzing a Plk1 mutant with decreased sensitivity to BI 2536, we establish that a mitotic phenotype arising from exposure to this drug is indeed due to Plk1 inhibition and that, during mitosis, Plk1 controls Aurora A phosphorylation at the critical activating residue Thr c DNA encoding full-length human Aurora A or the T210D Plk1 kinase domain mutant (encoding amino acids 1–364) was inserted into plasmid p ET30-Ek/LIC (Novagen) and subjected to PCR to generate the desired point mutants.

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